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Company Overview

At a time when small and medium sized businesses are trying to rebound from the economic struggles of the past few years, Remedy Employer Services is creating a solution to help them move through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although we are a new enterprise, our three managing partners bring over 50 years of PEO experience to our organization. It is this experience, and our ability to help businesses control the costs associated with having employees, that makes our company the right choice for many businesses just like yours.

We bring two significant advantages to the market –

  • Based on our size we are able to really focus on each of our customers. You won’t get lost in a corporate vacuum, or be just another number to us. Highly professional, personal service will allow us to provide the exact solutions your business needs to get a jump start on the growth opportunities the economic recovery brings.
  • Based on our experience you’ll have our years of business experience to help you deal with issues like Payroll, Taxes, Health Insurance, Human Resources, and Risk. Each of our three managing partners brings 20 years experience in the PEO industry helping businesses of all sizes succeed in all types of economic conditions.

As you look at your organization today and see the changes you’ve dealt with over the past several years, you’re probably wondering, “How do I get things back to where they were a few years ago” Well at Remedy, we can help get your cost structure more in line with your revenue, and more importantly; help keep it there.

Of course, just like you, we know every business is different, and because of that we need to perform a thorough analysis of your business to find the areas where we can help. Once again because of our experience it’s unlikely we’ll encounter a situation we haven’t seen before.

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